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Moot is the premier app for anybody that plays video games. Moot is a community platform dedicated to streamlining the Looking for Group process, as well as sharing up-to-date news, spicy memes, helpful guides, and more about today’s most popular games. ● Find your teammates with our LFG feature. ● Stay up-to-date on the latest reviews, highlights, and trending memes. ● Communicate privately with your friends using our Direct Message feature. ● Buy fresh items and spice up your profile with your Moot Coins. ● Follow Moot’s top content creators and get updates when they post. ● Level up by sharing, voting, and discussing the games you enjoy playing. ● Decide if content is up to your standard through upvoting or downvoting. ● Fight boredom – navigate through different lounges and check out what’s trending among the community. ● Over a dozen lounges opened: Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption, Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, GTA, Overwatch, Clash Royale, Battlefield, and more! ● Also available on PC at With moot, we want to grow with and for the community. Let’s make it happen! Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at





- Replaced App Home Page with the Games List! - Added a Discover Tab to find new content! - Improved Ticket Giveaway Design to see remaining prizes! - Expanded automated moderation to include Posts!






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What was once a great app is now a barren wasteland. Used to be able to find groups for r6 siege or csgo and other popular group games. Now there's no games on their list except mobile games. Very sad. Was so good in 2019

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2021.08.07 05:13:41

Can't even delete my account because it says I'm the administrator of a group on an app called 'Band' I've never downloaded this app, Let alone heard of it!

2021.07.02 10:34:43

nem ao menos pesquisando somente na play store consegui encontrar o app, tive que encontrar de fontes externas, infelizmente só uso por conta de uma rede de jogos

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By zuatom
2021.06.20 09:39:54