HOW FAR WILL YOU GO TO SAVE YOUR ONLY DAUGHTER FROM DEATH? AN UNTOLD SAGA OF TRUE LOVE from the game house of Tuttifrutti Interactive. DARKARTA: A BROKEN HEART\u0027S QUEST(Collector\u0027s Edition) ‘Darkarta’ is the frantic quest of a mother in search of her kidnapped daughter along the enchanted valleys of forgotten Indus civilization. Like all moms, for Mary her daughter Sophia was everything. Mary came with her husband and daughter to these remote isles, in search of her long lost family roots. She never knew the story of her dark past until the day she received that strange, mysterious letter. In a fraction of second, her life is shattered forever! Broken \u0026 betrayed, she is forced to step onto a game of life and death, where danger is awaiting her in every corner! You are Mary on this journey. Enter the enchanted \u0027Netherworld\u0027 where your destiny is written in blood and which whispers of true love. 3700 years have gone by, but even time could not heal it… The sweetest songs are those that sing of broken hearts... WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT? (Did you hear us say, hmm...unique features??) ⭐ AN EXCITING JOURNEY THROUGH THE LOST CIVILIZATION OF THE INDUS VALLEY The game was inspired by Indus fantasy mythologies/epics and the philosophy of ‘reincarnation’. Mysterious twists and turns await you and your journey unravels an unexplored, magnificent fictional world! ⭐ THE GAME OF MOTHERHOOD, AGAINST RACISM! An untold saga of true love. It’s also about the ‘lost \u0026 forgotten lives’ of star crossed lovers, torn apart from each other by the racist world! Darkarta raises voice against the most prevailing evil of all times, ‘racism’ upholding humanity. ⭐ UNFORESEEN ENVIRONS WITH 5-6 HRS OF GAME PLAY Critically acclaimed artistry! Breath-taking visuals! Very detailed scenes with non-repetitive puzzles. ⭐ PREQUEL COMIC BOOK A beautifully illustrated comic book with the backstory of the main plot. ⭐ BONUS CHAPTER: “RISING OF THE PHOENIX” The player gets the freedom of playing in ‘GOD’ mode in the bonus chapter for the Collector’s Edition. ⭐ MOM\u0027S DIARY PAGES The memories, thoughts, and even actions of Mary are carefully crafted on the diary pages. It also has a detailed character sketch, list of objectives to accomplish, and the route map which shows your current position in the game. ⭐ 30 NOSTALGIC MEMORY COLLECTIBLES You may collect precious, valuable \u0026 nostalgic memories on your way or after the gameplay. ⭐ 36 HALL OF FAME MEDALS Bag all the titles from our original and authentic ‘Hall of Fame’ list and make us proud! ⭐ 28 MORPHING OBJECTS Collect morphing objects on your go or after! ⭐ CONCEPTS, WALL PAPERS \u0026 SOUND TRACKS Mesmerizing music would make you feel like heaven! ⭐ REPLAY MINI GAMES/HOP/CUT-SCENES As you dive into the bewitched \u0027Netherworld\u0027, fear of the unknown or fear of the unexpected, what will stop you? If it is to save your one and only daughter, how far will you go? FOLLOW US HERE: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Pinterest- Linkedin -