Why do our users believe that Smart Security is an ALL-IMPORTANT app?

🛡 Smart Cleaning
Are you tired of deleting unnecessary apps and cache files taking up your storage? Welcome to the 21st century! Enjoy the rejuvenated speed of cleaning your device with Smart Security cleaning your storage cache files.

🛡 Smart App Scanner
Are your unused apps eating your storage? Smart App Scaner will help you to clean your storage to get more space.


📍App Analyzer: Manage unused and old apps to deal with them.

📍E-mail Checker: Check your e-mail for data breaches.

📍Cache Cleaning: Smart Security is your one solution in cleaning all that residual and cache files from your phone. This, in turn, results in a additional free space.

Please, note! We pride ourselves in not sharing any of your personal information with any 3rd party parties. All your information is safe and secured.

Enjoy a faster and refreshing mobile experience with the help of Smart Security.